Stainless steel surface finishing

Solving unique grinding needs for stainless steel also in special grades and small quantities


Design and brightness are the priority in surface finishing. Different stainless steel surfaces are required by stainless steel consumers depending on applications and requirements. The surface finish is usually created by dry grinding.

  • Grit sizes: P80, P120, P180, P240, P320 & P400
  • Unique service in market   
  • Fast delivery
  • Special request
  • Sheet to sheet process 
  • Material from 0.4mm to 8mm
  • Maximum width 1600mm
  • Possible for ordering 1 pcs
  • Sheet marking and stamping according customer request



Surface protection

  • Offering Surface protection for sheets in Stainless steel, aluminum and plastic
  • One side or both surface protection
    • NOVACEL 4228REF for both LAER cutting technologies (Fiber and CO2) all formats.
    • Blue cover film transparent „deep blue“ 60μm all formats.
  • NOVACEL 4228REF for both LAER cutting technologies (Fiber and CO2).
  • Film type: Polyolefin UV treated.
    • Thickness 60 μm and 80 μm possible and order also 100μm
  • Thickness 100μm
  • Other foil type according to customer request