Stainless steel surface finishing

Solving unique grinding needs for stainless steel also in special grades and small quantities


We offer single and double-sided grinding:

  • Grit sizes: P80, P120, P180, P240, P320 & P400 
  • Fast delivery
  • Sheet to sheet process 
  • Foiling – see surface protection
  • Material from 0.4mm to 8mm
  • Maximum width 1600mm
  • Possible for ordering 1 pcs
  • Sheet marking and stamping according customer request



Surface protection

  • Offering Surface protection for sheets in Stainless steel, aluminum and plastic
  • One side or both surface protection
    • NOVACEL 4228REF for both LAER cutting technologies (Fiber and CO2) all formats.
    • Blue cover film transparent „deep blue“ 60μm all formats.
  • Film type: Polyolefin UV treated.
    • Thickness 60 μm and 80 μm possible and order also 100μm
  • Other foil type according to customer request