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Chrome Plated Round Bar

Název Chrome Plated Round Bar
Popis Designated for use as pistons in the following applications: cranes, garbage trucks, garbage compressors, agricultural equipment and much more.
Materiál CK45
Vlastnosti Durable under high pressure, erosion and corrosive conditions. Extended life period (surface is taken care of, high strength and resistance to corrosion.) CK45 is the best choice for manufacturing Chromium covered rods.
Chemické složení C - 0.42%–0.5%; Mn–0.5%–0.8%; Si Max–0.4%; P Max–0.035%; S Max–0.035%
Velikost v mm 9.5–125 mm
Tolerance ISO f7 / h7
Povrch 0.15 microns Max Ra
Tloušťka vrstvy chromu Min 20 microns (Double chromium 2X25 by request)
Tvrdost vrstvy chromu HV 900–1100

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