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Name Sheet
Standard EN 485–2, EN573–3.
Welded 1
Aluminium Grade 1050
Description Used for signposting, wall covering, food industry, packaging, containers, sheets and power lines.
Material Aluminium
Properties Soft material, can be rolled and welded. Good for bending. Mechanical polishing is possible at Scope from 1.5 mm th up to 12 mm th.
Thermal Treatment Not thermally treated or H-24.
Chemical Composition Zn: 0.5% max; Fe: 0.4% max; Mg: 0.05% max; Mn: 0.05% max; Cu: 0.05% max; Si: 0.25% max and the rest is Aluminium.
Size Inch 0.016″–0.236″
Size Mm 0.4–6 mm

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