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Bare Plate

Name Bare Plate
Standard EN 573–3, EN 485–1,2,4
Aluminium Grade 2017
Description Used in parts which are located in high temperature environments, such as, aircraft seats.
Material Aluminium
Properties Suitable for chip removing process (machining), bending and rolling. Corrosion resistant. High strength.
Thermal Treatment T451
Chemical Composition Zn: 0.25% max; Fe: 0.7% max; Mg: 0.4–1.0%; Mn: 0.4–1.0%; Cu: 3.5–4.5%; Si: 0.2–0.8% max; Ti+Zr: 0.25%max and the rest is Aluminium.
Size Inch 0.315″–9.449″
Size Mm 8–240mm

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