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Rectangular Profile

Name Rectangular Profile
Standard ASTM B221, EN 755–9, DIN 17615, QQA 200/8.
Welded 1
Aluminium Grade 6063
Description Used for Hi-Tech Industries, furnishing, signposting, air conditioning, transportation, building and similar uses.
Material Aluminium
Properties Very common alloy for extrusions. Suitable for chip removing process (machining), plastic and mechanical processing. Anodized coating is possible after processing.
Thermal Treatment T-0, T–4, T–5, T–6, T–66.
Chemical Composition Zn: 0.1% max; Fe: 0.35% max; Ti: 0.1% max; Cr: 0.01% max; Mg: 0.45%–0.9%. Mn: 0.1%. Cu: 0.1% max; Si: 0.2%–0.6% max and the rest is Aluminium.
Size Inch 0.79″–5.124″
Size Mm 20–130 mm

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