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Name Plate
Standard AMS 4085, AMS 4202, FMS 3004.
Welded 1
Aluminium Grade 7475
Description Used for aircraft parts manufacturing, weaponry, forms, machines, devices and equipment.
Material Aluminium
Properties Very high strength. Suitable for chip removing process (machining), bending and rolling.
Thermal Treatment T-7351, T–761, T–7651.
Chemical Composition Zn: 5.2%–6.2%; Fe: 0.12% max; Ti: 0.06% max; Cr: 0.18%–0.25%; Mg: 1.9%–2.6%. Mn: 0.06%max; Cu: 1.2%–1.9%; Si: 0.1% max and the rest is Aluminium.
Size Inch 0.25″–4.25″
Size Mm 12.7–107.9 mm

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